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Walking the Manasquan Beach Front Boardwalk - 12/01/2021

A quick walk on the Manasquan Beach Front Boardwalk.

Going up Bowman's Hill Tower (2007) - 07/28/2021

In 2007 we visited Bowman's Hill Tower and walked all the way to the top.

A hike at Ramapo Mountain State Forest - 07/27/2021

We visited Ramapo Mountain back in 2019 for a hike. Wow, this place is beautiful!

Scootering on the Edgar Felix (2021) - 05/12/2021

A quick scooter ride (and walk) along the Edgar Felix Trail.

A snowy walk in Allaire Village (2021) - 05/12/2021

Here are some photos from a snowy walk in Allaire Village (2021).

A fun hike, starting from the Hospital Rd parking lot - 05/12/2021

A fun hike, starting from the Hospital Rd parking lot

Cross Estate Gardens, 2018 - 05/01/2021

Please enjoy some photos of our trip to Cross Estate Gardens in 2019.

Photos of Pleasure Park, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey - 04/21/2021

Here are some photos of Pleasure Park in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey from when we visited in 2018.What a nice ...

Gallery of photos from our hike at Crystal Lake Park - 03/14/2021

Here are some photos from our hike in Crystal Lake Park!

Walking F.Bliss Price Arboretum and Wildlife Sanctuary in 2019 - 05/19/2020

We were told about a town park in Eatontown, NJ called Bliss Park. Though we had never heard of this park, seeing s...

Playing in Sickles Park, Little Silver - 01/01/2020

We stopped into Playing in Sickles Park, Little Silver to checkout their great playground!

A short bike ride in Michael J. Tighe Park (2009) - 06/18/2019

We stopped into this fun little park in Freehold, NJ for a bike ride up the paved path. We zoomed past a few soccer...

Photos from our hike through Lord Stirling Park (2018) - 10/24/2018

This past weekend, we stopped in at one of our favorite Somerset County Parks: Lord Stirling Park. It has been many...

2018 Fall Classic at the Garden State Velodrome - 08/30/2018

We were excited to visit the Garden State Velodrome this week for their last race of the season. How did the summer...

An end of summer adventure (and fireworks) at the Jersey Shore - 08/30/2018

We visited the Point Pleasant Boardwalk tonight to walk the boards, enjoy the warm air, and watch the fireworks. It...

Hiking Jenny Jump - 08/27/2018

This past weekend, we finally took a hike in Jenny Jump State Forest. Though we have been here many times to visit ...

A Summer Walk Through FREC (2018) - 07/30/2018

Hiking the yellow trail at the Forest Resource Education Center on a beautiful summer afternoon.

Walking the Boards to the Inlet, Loughran Point and Back. - 07/28/2018

Coming Soon...

Hiking Holmdel Park, with a stop into Longstreet and the Shaw Arboretum - 07/21/2018

Some photos from our hiking in Holmdel Park, with a stop into Longstreet and the Shaw Arboretum.

A quick visit to Belleplain State Forest (March, 2015) - 07/19/2018

A quick visit to Belleplain State Forest (March, 2015)

Kayaking in Bayshore Waterfront Park (2005) - 07/11/2018

Lucy the Elephant (2016) - 07/09/2018

In 2016, we stopped into the famous seaside landmark... Lucy the Elephant. We took the small tour, watched a few vi...

A bike ride through the Wall Community Park and Activity Fields - 06/23/2018

An Early Winter Visit to the Highlands Natural Pool - 05/28/2018

In late March 2009, we stopped into a place that was new to us... the Highlands Natural Pool.

April 2018 - Tulip Festival at Holland Ridge Farms - 05/27/2018

Here are a few shots from the 2018 Tulip Festival at Holland Ridge Farms. This event takes place in early spring (A...

Walking Grounds For Sculpture - 2007 - 04/08/2018

In 2007 we visited Grounds For Sculpture for the first time. No matter what your level of art appreciation, this be...

A stroll through the new Allaire State Park Disc Golf Course - 03/28/2018

We made it out with the little fella to walk the new disc golf course in Allaire State Park yesterday. I did not pl...

April at Van Vleck House and Garden - 03/27/2018

After appreciating textures in brown, gray, and white for the past few months, it is a relief to see some bright co...

A little bit of Kittatinny Valley State Park - 01/07/2018

In 2009, we visited Kittatinny Valley State Park for the first time. Here are just a few shots of this adventure!

Playing on Scudder Falls (Delaware River) - 10/29/2017

In 2005 (or so), we stopped in to the D&R Canal (Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park), and walked down to the riv...