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A lot of progress has been made with many aspects of Get Outside NJ. From the improved look, to the features of a listing page, we made tons of progress. And tonight we wanted to mention another project that has some legs.

Get Outside NJ will allow you to search for locations in and around NJ using activities, zip codes, regions, amenities, and everything in between. As of tonight, we now have a calendar system that will take advantage of this same search functionality. Both admins and users will be able to add/view/manage any event listings of anything that is relevant to getting outside. Each listing will include:

  • Title
  • Descriptions
  • Dates/times
  • Repeating events
  • Maps/Directions
  • Contact information

We understand that this is pretty much the same as every other calendar system out there. We are not breaking any new ground here, but this will add a lot of value to the location listings within the system. It'll help you find something to do outside.

The Search Functionality

Earlier I mentioned the "same search functionality" as Get Outside as whole, but you may not know what we are planning. You need to know since this is the power/difference of GetOutsideNJ when compared to other "things to do" site. Users on this site will be able to do two things:

  • Location Search: You will be able to search for things within a zip code, 15 miles of a town, within a county, or within a state as a whole.
  • Category Search: You will be able to find a park with picnic shelters, mountain biking trails, boat launches, dog runs/parks, or camping with full hook-ups.

These two things combined will put this site ahead of the competition. Or at least it'll help us put together a fun trip for our friends a little easier :)

Check back often for updates. And please like our facebook page so you can see all our updates real-time.

Talk to you soon. Jeff C.

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