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With the great weather of spring and summer this year, we had to make a choice. Stay inside, staring at a computer screen, working on a site about being outdoors. Or, actually get outdoors. The choice was easy :) But over the last week or so, we have been making progress on a few small changes. And last night, we finished them up...

Updated Front/Home Page

With a few simple changes, we finally created/implemented a new layout for the front page of GetOut. We believe it is more appealing, and helps show off more important information. Like our latest updates, features writing, and more.

New "Featured" System

Over the last week or so now we put some time into a new "Featured" system. It'll allow us to place Featured locations/groups/blogs out on the frontpage of GetOut. This will let us promote some nice new places. Check back over the next few weeks as we expand this functionality.

Explore your City changes

Also, we made some changes to the Explore Your City are to better point out whats locations are available. This was a "quick fix" to simply get this page in working order. We'll touch this are again over the next few months.

Tracking/Site Analytics

We added a lot of extra tracking into the code of the site. This will help us see what sections of the site people are using, and what they do not care about. It'll help us out long term.

New Locations

Lastly, we added a few new locations. Not too many.. but it is better then nothing :) Hope you enjoy! -Jeff C

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