Cherry Blossom Festival - April 2014

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April 20th - Quick Update!

As of mid-week this past week (4/16/2014), the blossoms were blooming. As of today, it sounds like they are still looking great. If you visit the park for the blooms, can you share your photos with us on Facebook? Thanks!

April 8th - Quick Update!

A few people in the area of the park have shared that the Cherry Blossom Trees have not yet bloomed. Many people feel the full bloom may not happen until after this weekend. If we hear any additional details, we'll post it here and on our Facebook page!

The annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Branch Brook Park (Essex County, NJ) began this past Saturday, April 5th, with races, family fun, and much more.

To learn more about this great event, please visit the following pages:

Editors Note: We visited this beautiful park last year (April 2014). We were amazed at the park itself, along with how beautiful all these trees / flowers / landscaping was in the area. The day we visited was a bit busy, and we were not able to really explore the entire park. We also had a bit of trouble really understanding where everything was within the park. if you would like to see a detailed map of the park before heading out, click on the link above to the GetOut page, and click on the Detailed Map link. This may help you plan your visit.

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