New locations and groups have been added

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Over the last few days, we have added in a few new listings, as well as a few new groups.

Beyond this we also put some thought into:

  • An advanced camping search. We already started to add a few new categories. View the new category here.
  • A new section that showcases books/gear/reference material that we recommend. This may help you find a great hiking book on Amazon a little easier, and help us make a few $$ as well.
  • Redoing the Your Town area, turning it into an easy way to browse our listings.

As we have said a few times, GetOut is growing a LOT this year. Within a few weeks we'll have the most detailed camping search for NJ anywhere. We'll have even more listings, making it Much easier to find something find to do around NJ. And we'll have a few other surprises. We are sure you will enjoy :)

-Jeff C

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