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Trail Day in Baldpate with New Jersey Trails Association (njtrails.org) - 01/27/2008

In 2008, we met up with New Jersey Trails Association as they worked to fix a few trails in Baldpate Mountain (Merc

A cold walk through Jungle Habitat - 12/06/2007

Back in 2007, we visited Jungle habit in West Milford, New Jersey. We have wanted to visit here for a Very long tim

Photos of: Sawmill Lake Campground (2007) - 05/21/2007

Here are few shots of a camping trip at the Sawmill Lake Campground that we had back in 2007.

Photos of: Tripod Rock / Pyramid Mountain (2006) - 12/30/2006

Here are some pictures from a trip we took back in 2006, hiking to Tripod Rock. We can not wait to get back their a

Thompson Park (Monmouth), pre-fire and day after fire photos (2006) - 05/06/2006

In 2006, the old Thompson Mansion had a large fire that rolled through just about the entire building. Here are

Prospertown Lake in Fall - 2005 - 11/06/2005

Here are some shots from a nice paddle we had back in 2005 in Prospertown Lake.

Dog Park at Thompson Park (Monmouth County) - 10/16/2005

We stopped into Thompson Park in 2005 and had a great time watching the pups play in this very popular dog park.