Special Notice

2017-01-01: Swimming, Wading, and Jumping In and Around Waterfalls is PROHIBITED!. Swimming, wading, and jumping into the waterfalls and areas above and below waterfalls is prohibited in the entire Park. Your safety is vital to us. Please don't risk your LIFE. There are costly fines for violating federal law.

2016-04-01: The Adams Creek trail and parking opened again... The lot had been noted to be closed on the DWGRA websitefor a good amount of time in 2015. As of today, the closure note has been removed. We would suggest that you contact the Dingmans office to find out 100% before heading out for a hike this winter.

2015-11-04: The Adams Creek trail and parking lot, and all access to the falls, are currently closed because of a bridge project. This is an ongoing closure, and we have not been told when the National Park Service will open this trail again. Please visit the DWGRA website for more detailed information and up to date closures.

A small, scenic tributary of the Delaware River, Adams Creek flows for about two and a half miles through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Here is a great description found on thebackpacker.com..

"Adams Creek is very beautiful. Hike up along an old forest road above the creek. You'll pass a small chasm to the right, it has a small 5 ft falls. After a mile, and several stream crossings, you reach a 15 foot slide in a deep, awesome pool. The trail scrambles to the right and reaches Adams Falls- a 30 ft plunge in a deep pool. Above this falls are cliffs and an incredible 100 ft deep chasm that is unreachable. I scrambled to the top of the cliffs with a great view and walked along the rim of the chasm- far below was another 30 ft falls, then a 10 ft falls and a 30 foot chute. The chasm was incredible. The terrain leveled with several 5 ft cascades and an old stone mill, that was remarkably preserved."

Trail & Path Info

The trail starts off on 209, heading across the river, and wraps back and forth over the river, and up and down covering a good amount of elevation change. This trail is well worn, since it is traveled so much by visitors throughout the year. As like most of the trails in this area, you will find large rocks and slippery trails when wet.

Tips and Tricks

A simple "tip" would be that you must visit these falls: The trip is worth it! Also, it is very busy during the summer. We have visited here being the only people when we first get there. By the time we leave, there are a few groups of 30 that show up.


Limited parking in a small lot off 209. Do Not Park anywhere else or you will get a ticket.

Editor's Note....

We receive many inquiries about if swimming in the pool near the falls, or cliff jumping into the pool is allowed. The simple answer is that it is NOT ALLOWED at all, and is simply unsafe. But for 100% clarification, we contacted the the park service directlyand have been told the following:

  • NotAllowed: Swimming in a pool or river BELOW the waterfall is notallowed.
  • Not Allowed: Swimming in a pool or river ABOVE the waterfall is not allowed.
  • Not Allowed: Cliff diving is not allowed... and very unsafe.

The above notes apply to Adams Creek, as well as any other waterfall / river / stream in the park, unless otherwise noted.

Though prohibited, we know people still go cliff jumping and / or jump from above the waterfall itself. Do No Do This.You are risking a lot for something that is not worth it. The pool under the falls is not very deep and people get hurt weekly.We have personally seen multiple people get hurt.. from a sprained wrist to someone needing to be taken out by stretcher because she hit the sideand messed up her back/neck. It may seem like something harmless, but it isa very big deal for you, your family, for the community. Don't Jump!

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