Browns Woods is a recreational area taken care of by Barnegat Bay Partnership. You will find nice trails that are great for running and walking, with some being good for bikes as well. Car-top Boat launching is an option, as long as you park legally on the street.

This is a very pet-friendly park, as long as you keep your pets leashed.

Trail & Path Info

The trails throughout the park are rather flat, and are sometimes very sandy. If you are looking for a long trail run, this might not be your first location of choice. But if you are local, looking for a place to walk your pups, head on over the Brown's!

Related Groups / Organizations

Brown's Woods Preserve is a safe spot and regularly cleaned. Toms River Moving Forward puts together clean-ups days for the park throughout the year.

Located within the park boundaries, the Barnegat Bay Partnership has a house/office where they have programs and events throughout the year. Please visit their site for more information.

Editor's Note....

A few years back we found a location on our GPS that looked like a park. We followed this up Washington Street, and to the end of Haines Rd. At the end of the road we parked, and walked out onto a little beach. A local resident said she had been walking here for year, and believed it was called Brown Recreation Area. She also mentioned that there are nice trails to walk your dog (or walk yourself), and many people launch their kayaks and such from their car right onto the river. Great to know!

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