Bunker Hill Bogs is a wildlife recreation area off East Veterans Parkway in Jackson, NJ. You will find sandy walking/equestrian paths, old (dried) cranberry bogs, and a few smaller ponds used for fishing. This is a very nice park for a slow stroll through the woods, or a nice picnic laid out between the fishing ponds.

Bunker Hill Bogs was dedicated as an official park during the summer of 2009 after many hours of hard work by the Jackson Pathfinders.

Trail & Path Info

Whle visiting the park in 2009, we took a photo of the main info kisok with this map. If you click on it you will be able to view a larger version.

The trails within the park are mainly sand.. some places being a bit soft. On the map you will see "Old Cranberry Bogs" marked. We tried to walk around all three, but found them to be rather grown up. It was still a fun time bushwacking a bit.

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