The Cora Hartshorn Arboretum is an historic woodlands garden and educational institution. We promote an understanding of the relationship between people and the environment through programs that integrate arts, sciences and the humanities. The Arboretum conducts four major activities: education, outreach, research, and zoological/horticultural display. The Arboretum provides services to local schools, community institutions and citizens of all ages.

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A Brief History

The Cora Hartshorn Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary (CHA) is a non-profit organization located in Short Hills, New Jersey. The origin of the CHA goes back to a gift of land that Steward Hartshorn made to his daughter, Cora L. Hartshorn, in 1923. Cora developed the area as a place where wild things could grow without harm and where people could come to enjoy them. The "Stone House" was designed by Architect Bernhardt E. Muller, built using trap rock from Stewart Hartshorn's quarry in Springfield, and completed in 1933. Cora Hartshorn died in 1958 and willed the CHA to Millburn Township. Through the efforts of the Short Hills Garden Club, in 1961 an Arboretum Association was formed to work with the Township in order to protect the area. Building renovations were completed in 2007, which included kitchen and lab facility, bird observatory, and office space.

Today, the CHA includes 16.45 acres of woodlands, 3 miles of trails, and a diversity of floral and faunal species. Our master gardener and woodland volunteers take great care to ensure that plant species indigenous to New Jersey are predominant.

Our goal is to promote an understanding of the relationship between people and the environment through programs that integrate arts, science, and the humanities. We provide many educational opportunities from school field trips, scout programs, family programs, adult workshops, summer camp, and more.

Trail & Path Info

The Cora Hartshorn Arboretum consists of approximately 16.5 acres of woodlands bequeathed to Millburn Township by Cora L. Hartshorn in 1958. There are roughly 3 miles of trails throughout the Arboretum and the terrain is hilly in many places. Benches are located throughout the Arboretum grounds.


The Arboretum

* Boasts one of the state's greatest concentrations of native wildflowers (more than 150 species) and is home to 45 species of trees, 100 species of birds, rare ferns and 275-year-old Tulip trees. * Contains unique geological features, such as kettle moraines and a natural amphitheater created by glaciers. * Receives 17,500 visits from children and adults annually. 1,300 of these visits are field trips from township elementary schools. * Has a unique topography that creates many micro-habitats, allowing great diversity in flora and fauna in a relatively small area. * Is an oasis for migrating birds in the spring, giving refuge and food supplies on their journey north. * Offers semester-long nature & environmental classes, which is unique for a nature/environmental center.

The Stone House

Visit the Stone House to view animal exhibits, including mounted specimens of birds and mammals, and a small collection of live animals.


The Arboretum is located on a residential street and has no parking lot, so in order for us to be good neighbors it is important that all visitors follow a few simple parking rules.

* There is never any parking allowed on the side of the street opposite the Arboretum (this is a township ordinance).
* There are three no parking areas on our side of the street clearly marked with yellow lines and signs. These should not be used for drop off or pick up, even if you wait in your car.
* The best way to approach the Arboretum is to turn on Lupine Way, which is a right just before you reach the Arboretum building, and go around the block so you approach our building on the “correct” side of the street. This avoids “K” turns in the middle of Forest Drive S. and using our neighbors driveways.

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