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Experience the presence of the past at Fosterfields Living Historical Farm. Owned and operated by the Morris County Park Commission (, this 200-acre National Register Historic Site is complete with farm animals, crops, period furnishings, and machinery from the turn of the 20th century. The spirit of life is evoked through daily activities presented on the farm, the farmhouse, and at the Foster family home, The Willows. Staff dressed in period attire perform a daily regimen of farming by raising livestock and crops using methods that follow the same scheduled as noted in Charles Foster’s journal. Talk with the farm staff and participate in daily chores, such as butter churning, corn cracking, and harness cleaning. You will learn firsthand the important role the farm foreman and his family played at the restored farmhouse. Fosterfields offers fun and educational programs for children and adults alike. Special events and programs offer visitors a unique opportunity to experience reenactments, demonstrations, and exhibits that reflect events and periods from the past. Stop by the Visitors Center after to pick up a calendar that offers a full list of programs for the year, or visit our Programs & Special Events page to see a listing of upcoming special events and programs. Fosterfields Living Historical Farm has the distinction of being New Jersey’s first Living Historical Farm and offers something for everyone. Plan to experience the past one day soon!
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