Picturesque after a snowfall, full of fascinating history throughout the year, any day is a great time to visit this wonderful historic site and learn more about the Waln family and the evolution of Walnford over two centuries - from an 18th century industrial village and family farm to an elegant country estate. At the heart of the Crosswicks Creek Greenway (1436 acres), the site showcases over 200 years of social, technological and environmental history through the Waln family. The historic district includes 36 acres of field, woodland and wetlands.

Visit the large, elegant home built in 1774, the operating 19th century gristmill and the farm buildings set in a beautiful landscape. The site is open 8am - 4:30pm every day.

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Trail & Path Info

There are no real trails within the park. You will find it an easy and straightforward walk from the main parking lots to the first buildings.

Tips and Tricks

We recommend going to the park at a time when there are employees in the park. This will ensure you can get a tour of the mill, buildings, and more. This seems to be many (if not all) weekends during the summer, but double check before heading over.

Picnics / Lunches / Eating

Though we have not done so, a picnic in the open grassy fields seems like it would be a great thing to do on a warm summer afternoon.


Parking can be found in a lot off Walnford Rd on the eastern side of the property. Though there is a gate on the west side of the park, there no parking.

Editor's Note....

We have visited Walnford many times, but have never actually visited during an open house / event. We certainly want to do this very soon :)

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