Stroll along the boardwalk and jetty while taking a glimpse at shore life. The Manasquan Inlet is a favorite place for fishermen and can almost always be seen with a party boat passing through. With ample parking on both the Manasquan and Point Pleasant side of the [link-LOC00032], you will always find a place to stop to sit and enjoy. But don't forget to get up and explore.

Manasquan Side

There is one layer of parking here that is unmetered. You have easy access to the surfing beach and the jetty. A few small food shops, a pavilion, and a bathroom can be found down towards the ocean side of the lot.

Point Pleasant Side

The parking on this side of the inlet is metered.. and is heavily patrolled by the local traffic enforcement people. This side does not have easy access to the beach/jetty/inlet. But it does have a bathroom, and a nice memorial at the inland end of the inlet.

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