Midstream Rental is located in Northern Ocean County, specifically in Brick Township. Their location offers an abundant amount of waterfront to explore. Kayak fishing, paddling, crabbing, pedaling, photography, bird watching are all within minutes of this Brick Township waterfront location. Activities vary from just a short trip down river or creek to an all-day excursion with a picnic and a fishing pole. With Hobie kayaks you'll be able to work on your upper body strength with the paddles, or your leg muscles with the mirage drive pedals. Have you ever been on a Stand Up Paddlesboard (SUP)?! Midstream can get you out onto the water in no time. Come out and try out this new sport and get some exercise! They can be a lot of fun for all ages of people. Midstream also offers Yoga class on the water by a trained and professional Yoga Instructor.

Trip Ideas

Activities vary from just a short trip down river or creek to an all-day excursion with a picnic, kayak fishing, or just to get exercise to keep in shape. When you first launch form the dock at Midstream, you have two primary directions that can be taken:

Upstream to Forge Pond

If you head upstream from the dock, and under Rt 70, you will eventually find your way into Forge Pond. You will find birds, turtles, fish and more throughout the pond and it's grassy marshland. You can also continue even further upstream, past the open pond and you will find yourself in "the wilds" of NJ. The river wraps back and forth, with tall grasses, big trees, birds and flowers galore... it is a great trip!

Downstream to the Metedeconk River

Heading down river will bring you past many marinas, a marshy grass area, and eventually out into the much wider Metedeconk River. Here you can paddle for many hours, all around either side. Some even make it all the way out to Windward Beach Park for a picnic or just a place to rest. Please note that this area does have boat traffic all around. Always be careful when paddling in these type areas, all around NJ.

Special / Seasonal Events

Though Midstream does not have special events directly at their location, they are a proud sponsor of many township and county events going on all around Ocean and Monmouth counties. They try to give back to the community as much as they can, by helping people get out onto the water!

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