Shark River Park offers outdoor fun, for the whole family. You will find trails for walking, hiking and biking. As well as playgrounds, open fields, a fishing pond and more.

Trail & Path Info

The trails in the park are open for biking, hiking, horseback, and snow sports. The trails around the parking/picnic area off Schoolhouse Rd are nice, but short.

If you cross over Schoolhouse Road, you will find about 7 miles of trails. Our 100% favorite trail in the park is called "Pine Hills". If has the most elevation change, and is (what we consider) the most scenic of the trails in the park.

A note to bikers: Though biking is allowed in the park, we recommend against heading to Shark River for a bike ride. You'll find a lot of roots, sand, and trails that built for hiking, not biking. Out of the 30+ times I have been there, I have been there twice with a bike. The first time I ever went to the park was on a bike. I vowed to never go back. In early 2012 I went back again to easily grab some GPS data. It reconfirmed why we do not really bike here.


This park has a two main of picnic areas, both located off the Schoolhouse Road parking lot. One of these includes a smaller shelter with 10 of so grills/tables. The larger pavilion contains bathrooms, park info, and more. About this pavilion there are also many grills and picnic tables.

Between / near the 2 picnic areas you will find a large play field, and a great playground.

Amenities / Features of Shark River Park:

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