Snyder's Farm is on 80 acres of mostly Preserved Farm Land. The Snyder brothers purchased the property at 586 South Middlebush Rd. in Somerset in August of 2010. Since then they have been farming the land. We have over 2,800 blueberry bushes in our fields that we opened up to the public this June for our very first "Pick Your Own". We had such a great response from the community that we are going to open it up annually and will be adding "Pick Your Own" strawberries for the 2015 season. We also sell our seasonal produce which changes from year to year but the staples will always be our Jersey tomatoes and sweet white corn that are picked daily. And if you love the fall, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends you have to come to our Fall Festival. It is the Snyder brothers' favorite time of year, the festival is a lot of work but they truly put their heart into it so everyone who visits has a day full of fun and great memories.

Fresh Produce:

Snyder's Farm offers fresh Jersey tomatoes, sweet white corn and our pesticide free blueberries and strawberries. They also have a special line of jams, salsas and BBQ sauce!

Pick Your Own:

Snyder's Farm will offer multiple fruits (and possibly vegetables) that you can come out and pick yourself. This includes juicy strawberries and plump blueberries! Since this is a seasonal event, please check their website for what is available throughout the season.

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