In the heart of West Milford, the Wallisch Homestead is one of the most endangered historic sites in New Jersey. This 200-year-old farm is home to 100 acres of picturesque meadows, woodlands and wetlands, as well as several historic farm buildings.With significant restoration efforts the property holds promise to become a cultural, recreational and educational center for our community. The Friends of Wallisch Homestead seek to raise awareness of the importance of this property and help fund and organize its restoration.

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A Brief History

Recent History:

The property was bequeathed to our township to be used forgeneral recreation, hiking, nature study, and agricultural education. It is one of the last remaining properties that reflects Northern New Jersey's agricultural heritage and West Milfords past.

The Friends was first organized in 2013 and established as a 501C3 not for profit corporation in 2014. We believe the Wallisch Homestead has the potential to offer a wide variety of historic, cultural, and recreational uses for both residents and visitors. Considerable funding is needed to plan and preserve the buildings on this property for future appropriate use. Otherwise, they will be lost forever.

Trail & Path Info

There are a few trails on the property that will allow you to walk around this beautiful farmstead.

Related Groups / Organizations

The homestead is managed by the Friends of Wallisch Homestead. Please click their name to more about this great group. And consider giving back to them to help keep the property preserved!

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