Webb's Mill Bog is located within the Greenwood Wildlife Management Area in southern NJ. Following their small trail and boardwalk system, you get an up close view of some very interesting plants. From wild orchids, to pitcher plants, to things that looked sticky, you will find them all just inches off the boardwalk. :)

Trail & Path Info

The overall area of the bog is small, making the overall length of trails rather small as well. The "public" trails here are a mix of a skinny (not wide) wooded trail, and a boardwalk going over the bogs.

Once you find the entrance (see directions for that info), you will follow the skinny, somewhat overgrown trail going through the woods for about 300 feet. The trail turns right a left a few times with a few small side trails. Not too far into main trail, you will see the grey boardwalk through the woods. Just use common snese, following the most worn trails and you will eventually find the boardwalk.

The boardwalk section is also very skinny. The It is an oval in shape, around 400 feet long. When we visited in June/2013, the railings were all very warped, but the decking / boardwalk itself was in great shape. Following the boardwalk will allow you get a close up view of the flora of the bog. And it is easy to know what you are looking at with the addition of informational signs all around the boardwalk.


The only parking here is along the road (Cr-539).


This is a tough one, in the middle of "no where". We would highly recommend checking out the detailed map here for specifics on where the trail-head is located. You can even click the entrance icon and then click Get Directions. That may help.

When we visited the bog, we eventually got onto Cr-539 south. We were looking for the Webbs Mill Branch bridge and the Greenwood Wildlife Management Area sign. The trailhead is across the street and about 40 feet south of the WMA sign.

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