Special Notice

Update 2015: In November, 2015, The Highlands Nature Friends, Inc. became the proud owner of the former Weis Ecology Center in Ringwood, NJ! We have renamed this special place: The New Weis Center for Education, Arts & Recreation, to reflect our expanded mission.

Public programs are part of our diverse offerings at Weis. These evening or weekend activities for adults and families require pre-paid registration. Participants can sign up for interpretive hikes, workshops or other events designed to help people become more knowledgeable about the outdoors and explore nature.

Weis also offers day environmental education programs to schools, scouts and environmental or educational groups. Their instructors use the forests, fields and streams that grace our private property as an outdoor classroom for learning. Schools can select from our Educational Program listing to select class(es) which are specially tailored to meet each group's age and needs. Or they can bring programs to you; most of our programs can be adapted for your site. Scouts can achieve badges by choosing classes from our Scout Badges brochure. Call for current pricing and available dates.

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