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Sept 6th, 2016 - We have not visited Winakung in a few years, and have not really looked up new information about Winakung until this evening. At this time we can not find the current status of this location. Their Facebook page has not been updated in a while, and their website is no longer available. Do you have any information? Please let us know if you do!
A life-size Lenape Village on Winakung Island in Waterloo Lake is a faithful reproduction, including long houses, huts, women's quarters, burial grounds, carvings, and artifacts. The island brings to life the culture of the New Jersey Indian at the turn of the 17th century.

Hours / Season of Operation

Winakung is primarily open for special tours and school trips. They also have some open house / open to the public days throughout the year, but we have had trouble finding a specific list of date.

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