Cattus Island County Park

1170 Cattus Island Blvd., Toms River, New Jersey 08753, Ocean County


  • Equestrian / Horseback
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Jogging / Running
  • Playing in the playground
  • Walking
  • Skiing / Snowboarding


  • Bathrooms
  • Nature / Environmental Center
  • Picnic / Sitting Area
  • Playground


  • Flat / Easy
  • Surface Type: Crushed rock

Parks & Gardens:

  • County Parks
  • Park (General)
  • Scenic Overlook / Waterfalls

Description taken from
The unspoiled beauty of nature is the main attraction at Cattus Island County Park. This environmentally sensitive park spans almost 500 acres and boasts miles of trails, many offering lovely vistas of the adjacent Silver Bay. Cattus Island is home to the Cooper Environmental Center, where visitors of all ages will enjoy our many displays and collections of snakes and reptiles, as well as numerous programs and presentations run by our professional staff. One of its most popular programs is the Junior Naturalist, which encourages young environmentalists to partake in hands-on activities at the Cooper Environmental Center.

Trail & Path Info

The main path/dirt road is great for walking, jogging and biking. The side trails are good for all three as well, but not all of them allow for biking.

Though you can ride bikes in the park, the allotted "bike trails" are nice, but not great. If you are travelling here just to hit / shred all the trails, you may be disappointed. If you are taking a cruise out to the end of the access road, you will LOVE it.

Trip Ideas

Visit Cattus Island on your way to, or coming back from your day "down the shore". Or better yet, spend your day in the park :)

Tips and Tricks

A quick tip would be the same tip we give to most our south Jersey parks.. wear proper bug protection to ensure ticks / chiggers / mosquitoes do not get you during ths summertime.


There is one large lot right near the Cooper Env Center with ample parking for all.

Editor's Note...

We visit Cattus MANY times a year. We highly recommend visiting here throughout the year.

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