Bald Eagle Chicks Hatch At Manasquan Reservoir (Patch Article)

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Have you heard the great news from the Manasquan Reservoir! Here is an excerpt from an article on published a few days ago...

Monmouth County officials have confirmte there are two bald eagle chicks in the nest at the Manasquan Reservoir in Howell.

Officials said the chicks hatched on March 7 and while they are downy gray, the chicks will quickly turn black as their feathers develop.

"The chicks are growing very fast and will be almost as large as their parents in six weeks," officials said on the county's website. "Their arrival is especially exciting since it marks the first-time eaglets have hatched at the Manasquan Reservoir since 2014."

The Manasquan Reservoir, as well as theManasquan Reservoir Environmental Center, are jewels of the Monmouth County Park system... and of central NJ altogether. And these two additions make it all that more special.

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