During the day, Forge Pond is comes alive with egrets, blue herons, songbirds, water snakes, swans, box and painted turtles, and huge snapping turtles are plentiful. From the pond, you can paddle under the Route 70 bridge and onto the Metedeconk River. You can also head up river towards Brick Township, paddling for many miles before the trees/shoreline ground cover blocks your passage. There is a mild tidal current as Forge Pond flows into Barnegat Bay, about 3.5 miles down the narrow river.

A Brief History

The serene pond area is historically where the Lenni Lenape Indians met and performed their rituals, spring through fall. Rather interesting!

Trail & Path Info

The only trails here would be "water trails". We usually park in the lots mentioned on the map and head across the pond and up the river. You can paddle very far up river, almost 2 miles (and maybe more) if done correctly.

Trip Ideas

Don't have a kayak / canoe / rooftop launch style boat? Why not head across Rt 70 to Midstream Rental and rent a kayak or Stand Up Paddle-board for a few hours.


Parking is found directly off Rt 70 West, just west of the Jersey Paddler/Rt 88/Princeton traffic light. There are two small lots that offer cartop and small trailer boat launches. Please see the map for specifics.

Editor's Note....

We paddle Forge Pond many many times a year. It is one of our favorite locations around the entire NJ. This location is Highly recommended for anyone looking for a simple paddle..

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