Allaire Dinosaurs

Allaire Group Campground, Wall Township, New Jersey 07719

Tucked behind the group campground, in a special cedar forest, you will find a few magical (and wooden) Dinos living in harmony. These four dinos, set inside such a beautiful and somewhat primitive area of the park, will bring smiles to visitors of all ages.
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Directions Allaire Group Campground,
Wall Township, New Jersey 07719
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A Brief History

These special dinos are an art project by Robin R that was started in 2019. She was looking to create a special area to inspire families to get out and explore more of Allaire.

She started with a few small huts. This grew into her first dino... a T-Rex!This was followed by a triceratops and eventually aPterodactyl feeding her little baby!

Trail & Path Info

The Dino Area is located just outside the group campground. There is 1 officially marked Pink trail, but other than that you will need to explore a bit. Just remember to always stay on the trails.

Getting There - Parking

If you are not a registered camper, you will need to park on Squankum-Allenwood Rdat the main entrance to the campground. You can park in any open area, as long as you are not on the road, along the fence, blocking any trails, or on top of grass/shrubs/trees.

Hike to the Dinos

We have added a bit more information to the website in regards to the trails to get here. But we will give a quick rundown here as well:

Easy Path (Purple)

  • Park, and lock your car.
  • Hike the campground road towards the yellow gate.
  • Keepright after the yellow gate onto a trail.
  • Go past a second gate
  • Stay right when the trail splits
  • Stay straight until you notice the trees change.
  • There will be 4-way intersection with a drop off to your right, and the trail to the dinos to your left.
  • There are a lot of mountain bikes along the trails near the parkway

This hike is not very long. I believe our last visit was a bit less than a mile total, there and back.

The Alt Paths noted above are a bit more challenging. Since the trails are not marked, and since there are a lot of "random" trails here, you may need to explore a bit more :)

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Allaire Dinosaurs is rather nice. It's also part of  Allaire State Park

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